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О проекте

Our company has many years experience in the market of construction tools and equipment for processing wood, glass and stone. In-depth knowledge of the market enables us to provide a wide range of services from assessment of machines and examination processing equipment to intermediary services for the sale and purchase of used machine tools on level of quality.
The company's specialists are a team of professionals and sophisticated manufacturing equipment and tools. Every specialist in practice knows the nuances of the operation of woodworking equipment, equipment for processing glass and stone, especially the replacement of materials and worn parts. This allows us to give an expert assessment of equipment at the sale, at cost, operability, maintainability.
Its main purpose we consider the satisfaction of all needs of market participants used construction equipment and tools. We provide companies selling used industrial equipment and machines, a unique trading platform that allows you to explore consumer demand and quickly find buyers. Buyers, using resources trading platform, can request to purchase equipment, to contact the sellers to acquire low priced secondhand tools for their production, to plan resources for the modernization of production.
Our clients include engineering enterprise and manufacturing, small carpentry workshops and sawmills, shops for the processing of glass and stone, private, masters and leaders of industry. Our partners are attracted by the highly professional work of our experts, successfully committed transactions on the trading floor, recommendations loyal customers. We invite you to long-term cooperation new company!